Do you work in the NHS?

Are you uneasy with how Covid policies are affecting the health service, but feel unable to speak out?

Share your story anonymously below so we can bring these issues to light

Recovery wants to make sure all voices are heard so the management of Covid is balanced and proportionate.

Many NHS staff have joined Recovery and they tell us that despite the heroism of many NHS workers, incompetent Government and management mean our health service is failing. But staff are frightened to speak out.

This is very dangerous, because without urgent action to fix the NHS crisis now, patients will suffer and many will die needlessly.

In almost his final act as Health Secretary, Matt Hancock admitted that there are a staggering 12 MILLION people on NHS waiting lists. Add the usual pressures and Recovery fears we’ll be locking down to save the NHS forever – because every lockdown just makes the long-term problem worse.

Share your story, completely anonymously, here, so we can bring these issues to light.

We’ll amplify selected stories through our channels, including Twitter with 30,000+ followers including many influential journalists and MPs, using the hashtag #NHSVoices. You can read selected submissions here. Together we can bring these important issues to light and push for action, without risk to your career.

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