It’s Time For The UK To Return To Its Senses.

Recovery is a campaign to lead the UK out of the Covid19 crisis into a positive future.We aim to put an end to the panic-driven policies that are doing so much damage to our lives and the nation’s hopes for tomorrow.

We want a rational, balanced response.


The art of Government is in large part about balance.

The interests of people coming towards the ends of their lives must be balanced against the needs of those with their whole lives in front of them.The freedom of all must be balanced against the prevention of irresponsible actions.

The need to keep the nation healthy must be balanced against the need to keep it fed, active and productive. Without the other three, the first is unachievable. Get the balance wrong in key areas and our country may swiftly become impoverished, divided and authoritarian.


Sadly, this is a real threat. Over COVID-19, the UK Government has got the balance badly wrong.
For example, it has prioritised the treatment of Covid over all other conditions, including the most lethal killers we face today – cancer, dementia, heart disease, and, for those under 40, suicide.We know for certain that the failure to treat these mass killers will produce thousands of excess deaths, as medical experts like Professor Carl Heneghan of the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine have warned.

Meanwhile, the example of Sweden suggests that draconian action may have little impact on the final toll from Covid. However, even to debate questions like this is now stigmatised by many in Government and media as irresponsible.

Instead, the debate in the UK is driven by a vicious cycle of interactions between broadcasters, Government, and public opinion. These have pushed the country towards ever more repressive measures.

Divided population

If the aim is to save life, they are totally counterproductive, since the result will be many excess deaths from the big killer diseases.

We have a divided population, split between those who have taken an intelligent interest in the facts and a panicking majority who have been simply terrified by the broadcast media.

We need more people to think rationally if we want the Government to do the same.

Until then, it will continue implementing restrictions, no matter what the damage, as fluctuating opinion polls dictate.

Never before has a Government tried to prevent grandparents seeing their grandchildren.


The broadcast media has a lust for creating panic, which makes the news feel important and exciting. And while the reality is slowly dawning, panic is still what most people feel. The result is a cycle of destructive behaviour which threatens our lives, our futures, and our freedoms.

The behaviour of the Government and a majority people of the UK over Covid marks a profound change in perhaps the most important balance of all: the way we balance the present and the future. Previous generations were prepared to sacrifice everything to ensure that the future would be better for themselves and their children.They faced far greater threats from disease than we do, even with Covid19, and yet they continued to strive, to work together, to build.

Uniquely, this generation has chosen to throw up the hope of a better future to tackle an illness that would hardly register a blip by historic standards. It has got the balance wrong.The damage that has already been done is immense. To inflict more would be disastrous.

Banned under the ‘rule of six’

It’s time for the UK to return to its senses.

Recovery is campaigning for a approach to Covid that acknowledges the risk, but weighs action against its consequences.We aim to calm the hysteria, share the facts and put Covid into a rational perspective.

Every single person who joins us makes a difference. We welcome your support.


We’re calling on the Government to pledge that it will support Five Reasonable Demands to help the UK’s recovery from Covid-19 and ensure balance in its approach to the crisis:

  1. Behave with humanity
    Curbing the liberty and essential freedoms of large swaths of the population, many of whom will suffer long term consequences, is inhumane. Fear and isolation are killers in themselves. No-one should be barred from a dying parent’s bedside. We ask the Government to pledge that it will always act with humanity.
  2. Give equal regard to all lives
    Scaremongering and the prioritisation of NHS treatment for Covid-19 are costing lives. Thousands will die because screening and treatment for terminal diseases is being postponed or cancelled. We face an addiction timebomb and a mental health crisis. We ask the Government to pledge that its policy on Covid-19 will give equal regard to all lives, allowing for the normal NHS consideration of life-years in its assessments, and remove any restriction immediately if it cannot be proved that it is saving more lives than it costs.
  3. Hold a comprehensive public inquiry and a balanced public debate
    We need to examine every aspect of the response to Covid-19. That includes the huge impact on other aspects of health care, such as cancer; the economic impact and consequent mortality; mental health; and the role of Government and media in stoking fear. We need to hold those responsible for mistakes to account and ensure that they do not happen again, as this will not be the last time we face a threat from an infectious disease. Right now, experts need the freedom to challenge bad policies. We ask the Government to pledge to hold a comprehensive public inquiry and to remove rules which prevent balanced reporting.
  4. Safeguard all that makes life worth living
    We are all used to balancing decisions about quality of life against quantity of life in what we do every day – we do it even when we decide to cross the road. The emergency policies take that out of our hands, saying that quantity of life is the absolute goal and quality of life must be destroyed to achieve it. The reaction to Covid-19 has seen livelihoods ruined, performing arts banned, grandparents told they can’t hug their grandchildren, young people forced to live for months in isolation. We ask the Government to pledge that it will balance the risk from Covid-19 with safeguarding all that makes life worth living.
  5. Get the economy moving for the sake of our children
    There is much talk of choosing between saving lives and a healthy economy, but the truth is that lives depend on a healthy economy. Our children will have to live for decades with the consequences of current policies: how many will be condemned to live in poverty as a result? We’ve mortgaged their future. We can’t afford to do more damage. We ask the Government to pledge that it will not recklessly put the mental health, jobs and futures of the young people of this country at risk.


What’s your view on Covid19? We want to encourage a proper debate.

“The Government’s own figures suggest that Covid19 is mild in most people. It’s selfish to squander so many resources, borrowed from our children, on a threat like this now.”
“It’s irresponsible to use up in our panic today everything we may need to combat the diseases and problems of tomorrow.”
“We can’t allow those with cancer, heart disease, or mental health problems to suffer and die simply because the BBC is obsessed with Covid.”
“I’m angry that young people are being unfairly blamed for this when they’ve lost so much.”

Whatever your reason for backing our campaign, it’s important. Together, we can change what’s happening.



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