Our Aim

Recovery was set up during the lockdowns and restrictions of Covid-19 to argue for a more rational, less damaging response based on our Five Reasonable Demands: five safeguards for our communities and society which were backed by the overwhelming majority of the UK public.

Now that restrictions are easing, our goals are to ensure that they’re gone for good; all the damaging measures associated with them are removed; and the right lessons are learned.

It was wrong to abandon our rights and values in panic. We can now see that doing so actually worsened the suffering and damage caused by Covid-19. Understanding where mistakes were made will stop that happening again.

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We desperately need funds so that we can influence the debate. We aim to provide a balanced view that can better inform the media, public and of course Government. We work closely with opinion formers to ensure that the true facts are being publicised for all to see. To do this we need your financial support. Most of our work is carried out by volunteers, concerned individuals like you, who want to see a fair and open debate.

However we urgently need funds to pay for campaign media, some full time staff, non-biased polling and wide ranging communications to get Britain back on track and to save countless lives. Please give what you can.

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