Recovery this week handed all 650 MPs a copy of Laura Dodsworth’s excellent new book ‘A State of Fear,’ accompanied with the following letter:

25 May 2021

Dear MP,

‘A State Of Fear’ sounds like a novel – a dystopian vision of a possible future for the UK. Disturbing as its contents are, the book accompanying this letter is important because it is robustly factual. Laura Dodsworth’s riveting account of the use of fear and behavioural psychology is rigorously researched and draws on insights from experts inside and outside Government.

You may already have read about it in the media, as it has excited alarm, praise, comment and controversy from reviewers and political commentators alike.

It sold out in all booksellers inside three days, so we’re sending you your own copy because it’s essential reading for all MPs.

‘A State Of Fear’ will help you understand what has happened in the UK over the past year and the possibilities of the new tools psychologists have created to manipulate behaviour. It raises serious questions.

Is the use of subliminal messaging and behavioural control ethical? Can the impact of fear on mental health be justified? Are these tools compatible with democracy, given that they may effectively deprive individuals of the ability to decide and think for themselves?

Parliament has allowed them to be used unchecked and without debate: it’s time for our elected politicians to lay down rules.

As individuals, the signatories are seriously concerned about what the pandemic has revealed. Are we happy that a small group of unelected experts in controlling behaviour has been given so much power over every aspect of public life?

We are privileged to have lived in free, democratic countries, in which we have been able to achieve a great deal in our respective fields and businesses. We want future generations to have the same opportunities, freedoms, and democracy that our forebears handed down to us. Please read ‘A State Of Fear’. It is a stark warning of a world in which these principles are replaced by fear, repression, and mental illness.

Yours sincerely,

Zoe Clews, Co-Founder Recovery

Jon Dobinson, Campaign Director & Co-Founder, Recovery

Michel de Carvalho

Sir Rocco Forte

Sacha Bancroft Cooke

G Brenninkmeijer

Hugh Warrender

Isabel Oakeshott

Laurie Oppenheim

Jonathan Sykes

Simon Dolan

Francis Hoar

And 40,000 supporters of ‘Recovery’


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