our position on the COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccine


We welcome safe, effective vaccines.

The approval of vaccines must be the cue to open up society as swiftly as possible, and we look to the MHRA for regular monitoring on the comparative safety and efficacy of such vaccines in people of different ages, and with different co-morbidities.

We oppose restrictions that do more harm than good.

Once the vulnerable, and then front-line staff, have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, the damage and danger of continuing restrictions far outweighs any possible benefit.

Therefore, it is indefensible to continue restrictions once a vaccine has been made available to those groups; we welcome vaccines as the key to the swiftest possible recovery for society.

We therefore encourage the widespread voluntary take-up of vaccines, without either overt or covert coercion, acknowledging that there will need to be prioritisation initially, but as soon as possible making them available to all who want them.

We continue to campaign for the Five Reasonable Demands of Recovery.

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