Canadian truckers – the Movie!

PRINCE HARRY’S timely reminder to look after inner self, with a spot of meditating made me aware of some unprocessed rage bubbling away under the surface, triggered by very particular words. Words like ‘GoFundMe’ and ‘not passing on money raised’ and ‘intended for Canadian Truckers’. In any order really.

Rage, indignation, powerlessness and helplessness all present and correct, almost overwhelm me, possibly even more overwhelming than Harry when he’s been really, really busy. But do you know what? The meditating is helping. I fill my emotional tank. I conquer those negatives with positives. Where there was despair, I find hope. I close my eyes and play CANADIAN TRUCKERS – THE MOVIE in my head. The ‘David and Goliath’ movie that dear fickle Hollywood will no doubt one day make. Hopefully a sure fire hit around 2030 and it sure turned my frown upside down.

I see our hero, blue collar man up against it, the bills piling in, his kids not getting an education. And man, is he tired. Mrs Trucker all stoic beauty rocking a plaid shirt. Those kids, they are hungry, squabbling with sore vaccinated arms. The boy cries – “Can’t you stop them daddy?” Daddy is ‘Thuperman’, cute little sister tells him. Mama doesn’t think she can put them through it again. Our hero says it’s just one more vaccine but her eyes well up, “Honey, I love you so much, but what happened to the man I married?’’

Words she can never take back.

He sighs and goes to another job, head down, almost broken, but trying to keep on the right side of the law.

But at Trucker Central, there’s another demand, another vaccine.

A friend won’t get a vaccine – he’s scared, now can’t work. A union boss is vacant-eyed and grinning. “It’s for our own good” he repeats echoing the posters everywhere. Pushed too far, something changes in our hero’s eyes. He pulls down a ‘It’s For Your Own Good’ poster and gets in his truck. “I’m going to the Capital. Who’s with me?”

Others join, the convoy builds. The families at home are watching. They cheer. The kids cheer. “What’s daddy doing mamma?”

“Daddy has gone to get us our freedom”. A soft rock classic starts.

The music is interrupted by a darker tone. A hooded figure hears something’s happening in flyover Canada. “it’s some backwater town, Quiet Valley Falls (or some such name), whoever even heard of it?” But deep authority voice (or maybe computer message) comes back, “Keep an eye on this.”

What of Justin Trudeau? What’s he doing? By film release no one will be looking back at that particular presidency with national pride. He will by then be openly ridiculed. At first Trudeau sneering in close up when he’s heard the news that some truckers are heading his way. “So, a couple of truckers want to take me on! The most powerful man in the world? Oh, I best hide”, he hoots.

Cut to: Justin in hiding.

Maybe it’s a bunker. He’s throwing himself behind bodyguards at loud noises. His wife (we’ll have her exasperated) has taken to shouting ‘They’ve broken through” for her own entertainment, then laughs spitefully.

Break to montage of families across America and Canada, children gathering their coins, and selling their toys, rich mums watching it “hey Bob have you seen this?”, someone nice (maybe a nun) shouts and waves fist “About time too”. Proud Dad keeps on trucking, more and more trucks appear. A visual feast intercut with the Gofundme numbers getting bigger and bigger.

But what of a real villain. Trudeau is comedy, jaunty music to accompany him. A slimey media type is a side show. Step up GoFundMe bosses. Serious music for this crowd, dark suits and city scapes. Big cheese takes a phone call, “I see Sir, yes you have our full support”. Hangs up phone.

“Cut them off”.

“But sir, can we do that?”

Big cheese slams fist, “Crush them”.

All the ingredients we need. Yes the truckers lose hope in the second act. Yes our man will make a speech about finding hope. Every nation follows, led by the little people. God this thing writes itself.

Cut to happy ending.

Scenes of battle losers Trudeau, Gofundme boss (and possibly Neil Young) making their escape. They remember Justin’s true talent as a master of disguise and they use his costume collection to escape.

Last word from dad when his little girl said “I knew you were Thuperman daddy”.

“Honey, it was all for you kids”. The Canadian Mounties play the national anthem. And Scene.

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Gail MacDonald studied at Nottingham and has been a professional psychologist and writer for over twenty years working in both public and private sectors.

Photo of Freedom Convoy Truckers Protest, Ottawa, Ontario Canada, 29th January 2022 by Markgo from Shutterstock.